Curriculum Vitae

Michal Shabtay

Media artist, filmmaker, curator


Michal Shabtay has regularly exhibited multimedia art projects in Europe, the USA, Canada and Japan. She has also written and directed films and productions for Dutch national television, and her work has featured in various film festivals around the world. As a curator and advisor for museums and galleries, she draws on her knowledge of historical cultural traditions to illuminate contemporary developments - an approach that is central to her work. She is also Director of the Messis Foundation, which initiates cultural and social projects.


1977-1982 Koninklijke Academie voor Beeldende Kunst, The Hague
1976-1977 Vrije Academie, The Hague
1972-1975 University of Haifa, film

Current projects

2012-now "Carpet of memory - from knots to pixels", Research / Documentary
2012-now Art from Islamic Cultures in Dutch Collections.
Inventory and publication

Recent work

2010-2011 "Carpet of memory - reflections of Islamic art", Exhibition proposal,
Guest Curator, Groninger Museum.
2011 University of Amsterdam, museum study, Guest lecturer
2009-2011 International Islamic Art Conference: examining the place of Islamic art in contemporary collections. Initiator and organizer
2009-2010 Emma Goldman, Roosje Vos and Lillian Hellman, Outstanding Jewish Women, synopsis, Joodse Omroep
2008 Islamic Art treasures in Europe, four-part TV film series, NIO
2008 Shylock, film, Joodse Omroep
2007 Amal Knawy, curator, at Gallery 23 Amsterdam
2006 Rachid Koraichi: a Portrait, TV film, NMO
2006 Rachid Koraichi, curator, at Gallery 23, Amsterdam
2006 Nomad Tale, scenario

Work in collections

Het Kijkhuis, The Hague; Time Based Arts, Amsterdam; London Video Arts, London; Electronic Arts Intermix, New York; Museum of Modern Art, Ottawa; Rijksdienst Beeldende Kunst, The Hague; Bezalel, Jeruzalem; Artotheek, Delft; Artotheek, The Hague; Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; Museum voor Volkenkunde, Rotterdam; Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst; Gate Foundation Amsterdam

Previous work


2007-2008 Islamic Art treasures in Europe
2006-2008 Shylock
2006 Rachid Koraichi: A Portrait
2002 God Seekers
2001 Die Ook
2000-2005 50 years SBK
1992 The Henny Penny Picturebook
1991 Marshal Art
1987 Elegy
1986 Song of Songs (theatre play for 9 monitors)
1985 Monodrama
1984 Pas de Deux
1983 L'Odalisque Mécanique / Amour Endormi
1979 Landscape 1, 2 and 3
1977 North Sea

Production Design

1999 Gered Gereedschap, Open Studio Producties (montage)
1997 De Poolse Bruid, IJswater Film (assistant director)
1995 Schijnsel, Frans van de Staak
1994 Mykosch, Stichting Toekomst
1992 Kiekeboe, Circe Film television series
1990 Viaduc, Cineteam Productie
1987 Ei, Studio Nieuwe Gronden
1985 Stations, Danniel Danniel
1981 The Way to Paris, Nederlands Film en TV Academie


2007-2008 Islamic Art treasures in Europe, NIO
2005-2006 Nomad Tale, De Productie
2004 Eind van het jodendom, Diemand & friends
2001-2003 Shylock, De Productie
2000 Meisjes, synopsis, Stichting Toekomst
1998-1999 Sax is de schuld, feature film, Studio Nieuwe Gronden
1997 A Long Day's Journey Into Night, documentary, m&m Prod.
1994 Mykosch, co-author, N.P.S. Stichting Toekomst
1990 Viaduc, co-author, N.P.S.
1986 Ei, co-author, N.P.S. Studio Nieuwe Gronden